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Combining artificial intelligence with knowledge about financial markets to interpret streams of information, containing untold wealth, into data suitable for alpha generation and risk management.

Quantified Data From Textual News

Inferess Quantified News

Inferess News Analytics turns news feeds into event-driven analytics feeds, rich of sentiment labels and identifiers for a broad range of types of events.

To match your requirements, our feeds are delivered to you via push or pull.

Newswires are taken from leading providers and distill the articles and data into insightful market-moving indicators.

You integrate the machine-readable data feeds into your algorithmic and data driven applications. This injects a stream of high value analytics into your world view to support a broad range of benefits.

Insightful Indicators

Indicators are quantitative and qualitative measures that capture the essential meaning of textual data. Sentiment, relevance, context, novelty, are some of the key aspects of financial news conveyed by our indicators, delivered in a form which is ready for automatic processing to bring invaluable insight for a variety of applications.

  • Story level sentiment - provides a positive/negative/neutral scores
  • Company level sentiment - provides aggregated sentiment values for a given company
  • Story Relevance - assesses relevance of an news article to a company.
  • Novelty - determines uniqueness or freshness of a story.
  • Entities - tickers and security identifiers
  • Timestamp - with millisecond granularity to suit backtesting of trading algorithms.

Subjects and Events

Inferess event taxonomy is a proprietary taxonomy that is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the subject-matter content. Useful event codes are added and redundant codes are removed. Examples of the top level events are:

  • Alpha Generating
  • Analyst Estimates
  • Financial Results
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Product & Services
  • Buyback
  • Dividend
  • Investment
  • Management changes
  • Public Relations
  • High Risk Events
  • Bankruptcies
  • Legal Disputes
  • Natural Disasters
  • Community Disasters
  • Liquidation
  • Divestment
  • Insider Trading
  • Political Conflicts
  • Macro Events
  • Regional Economical Report
  • Debt & Loans
  • Community Disaster
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Political Events
  • Treasury Bills
  • Currency & Forex

Comprehensive Coverage

We are constantly listening to all channels; whether news comes from newswires or bubbles up the web, you will have facts and data that simply cannot be ignored.

  • Stock market news, commentary and analysis
  • Disclosure and corporate actions
  • Coverage of 14,000 companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the BRICs and other emerging markets
  • Industry and sector news
  • Blogs and opinions
  • Economic statistics and trends
  • Global Energy and Commodities
  • Historical analytics archive dating back to 2012

Access Options

Inferess's technology delivers machine-readable news faster than ever so you can make trading decisions more quickly.

  • Low latency feed of machine readable data
  • Intraday access through secure FTP
  • On demand API access

Inferess Correlations

Inferess Correlations

Inferess cognitive algorithms read tens of thousands of company documents and news to predict risk exposure and prescribe opportunities.

The Inferess correlation engine captures the relationships between entities, infers and discovers highly indirect correlations, those that cannot be discovered from the information about entities occurring in public texts but being related to them.

We turn highly complex relationships between companies into machine-readable data feeds. This injects a stream of high value analytics into your world view to support a broad range of benefits.


  • Alpha generation - Build models using stock selection signals based on Inferess correlations data.
  • Risk Management - Predict how a single shock at one company may be transmitted to other connected firms.
  • Predictive Analysis - Explore predictive signals using information about a company’s upstream and downstream relationships including stock returns, fundamentals, and linkages.
  • Event Study - Identify correlations between major events from company relationships and company’s stock returns.

Access Options

Inferess's correlations engine delivers data and analytics to suit short and long term investment decisions.

  • Low latency feed of machine readable data
  • Intraday access through secure FTP
  • On demand API access

Typical Uses of Inferess Products

Asset Management

Improve your multi-factor asset allocation models by adding additional market-moving indicators. Research the long-tail of companies and to spot trading opportunities, globally.

Automated Trading

Enhance your trading strategies with inferess quantified news and correlations engine as source of trading signals.


Enhance risk management strategies by understanding event risk and back-testing against different kind of events.

Government Organizations

Understand deep, intertwined relationships between companies and be alerted on the concerning events.

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About Us

Company about

When in pursuit of high quality investment signals, you cannot afford to ignore any news and you cannot fail to listen to every channel that could potentially deliver valuable information. Big fast data presents new challenges to the extraction of quality analytics at scale with low latency.

Founded in 2013, Inferess solves these problems for you, delivering insightful and accurate news analytics in a machine readable format that integrates with your systems. We provide you with high quality data derived from news and data feeds sourced directly from top-tier providers; this way you augment your models and workflows not with the quantity, but with the quality of the data we provide.

Knowledge and Innovation

Innovation is continuous at Inferess. We bring state of the art techniques into the world of big fast data. Underpinning this is a programme of development driven by engagement with experts in the fields of finance, AI and machine learning.

Our advisors include financial experts with quantitative investment management experience, experts in machine learning and natural language processing jointly holding 8+ filed patents, along with alumni from the core IBM Watson team and a background in building news article information extraction systems..

If you are looking for an advantage look to Inferess.

The Team


Vishal Puri

Founder and CEO

Vishal brings over 17 years of engineering and leadership experience in the financial solutions space. Before starting Inferess, he was Director in low-latency trading systems at UBS.

Vishal was previously a Trading Systems consultant at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Prior to that, Vishal was a Project Lead at Orc Software, a market leading trading platform provider. Before Orc, Vishal was a Senior Engineer at SpringSource (acquired by VMWare in 2009), where he worked with Investment banks, Federal agencies and Telecom providers leading to strong business growth in APAC. Prior to that, Vishal rolled out critical business applications at the following companies: GBST, StudyLink and Phoenix Contact.

Vishal holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Computer Science credits from University of New South Wales, Australia.

Janek Bogucki


Janek has more than 20 years of software development experience across a range of roles and domains. Prior to co-founding Inferess he was a Software Development Manager at Monitise.

His experience encompasses team building, software governance, high volume web search, secure payment systems, PCI-DSS compliance, tokenisation, cloud infrastructure and deployment pipelines. Before Monitise he was Senior Global Developer at Studylink. His passions include development methodologies, machine learning and functional programming. He is a Wiley author (Summer 2016) and an active OSS contributor.

Janek holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Marty Dirks

Advisor - Sr. Investment Consultant

As an advisor to Inferess, Marty brings technology industry experience both as a physicist and institutional investor. A 1987 Harvard Business School alumni, he has investment experience from top firms: Feshbach Brothers, Odyssey Partners and Harvard’s endowment, where he was the sole manager of an $800 million equity portfolio.

He is now a Senior Investment Consultant for endowments, foundations and pension plans, an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University and a Board Member for the Federated Retirement System for the City of San José.

Dr. Eric Andre Martin

Advisor - Technology Research and Development

Dr Eric Martin is a Senior Lecturer and Postgrad Coursework Academic Advisor with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW.

His research interests include Logical foundations of AI, Formal Learning Theory, Logical Paradigms of Inductive Inference and Logic Programming.

With 60+ publications and conference papers, he has advised Julpan which was acquired by Twitter and has advised on the Orion algorithm which was acquired by Google.

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